Design-led, responsibly sourced and artisan made furniture supplied as individual pieces or curated room packages.

House of Vara specialises in high-end furniture design that combines ease and affordability with outstanding quality and sustainability intentions.

The way we live is ever changing. We become more knowledgeable and sensitive to healthy materials. This applies also to the way we furnish our homes. We want the interior-designed look but not the time commitment or the price tag that comes with it. That demands new thinking and adaptability in furniture design.


Our individual pieces of furniture are made using environmentally intelligent choices of woods responsibly sourced from FSC European forests and artisan made. We are moving away from synthetics and using more natural fibres, non toxic such as cotton, wool, linen and silk.




Our collection of furniture has been curated into room packages by award wining interior designers to make it easy to achieve the interior deigned look cost effectively. Our core value is to create ethical and inspiring homes for people to live in.