Furniture packages

Our responsibly curated packages make it easy to get the interior designed look without the time or cost of employing a design practice.

Our core value is to create ethical and inspiring home for people to live in. Every room should hold lots of surprise to delight both the eye and mind. Clients can purchase furniture sets for just an individual room or an entire home.


Understated Elegance

This collection has clean lines and is contemporary, simple yet luxurious. It creates an optimum balance of opulence and simplicity. It introduces carefully considered, comfortable, furniture with splashes of rich, deep colours to contrast against a calm back drop. Following the core principles of Feng Shui, this collection brings you harmonious qualities to ensure the free flow of energy within a space.


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Laid back Luxe

Created with a young identity, this collection employs a neutral palette. Careful layering of pattern, texture and colour bring a playful, organic character. The melodious interaction between its curves and the different planes of the architectural space allows it to feel both relaxed and comfortable. Described as ‘laid back luxe’, the furniture components underpin the fluid and vibrant feel of the space.


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